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Founder’s Message

Spring was celebrated 4000 years ago, it’s significance is more relevant today when the world is in dire need of newness and that the newness can be embraced.
To grow, to evolve, to make progress has been the core of every spiritual doctrine. All art from poetry to prose, films to literature, has also evoked the same.
Life is about evolution-the earth renews itself, water cleanse themselves, trees shed old branches, the human body changes every seven years, however the human mind clings to the old. When you don’t let go of what is over, it consumes you and takes the space of what is yet to come.
When you stay chained to the past, when you let the rusted balls of tragedy or painful events cling onto your ankles the walk ahead is impossible.
The geometry of existence falls apart when people put up old scaffolding’s to build new lives.
Spring is the reminder and the chance to let go, to make sure bygones are bygones, it is the right time to learn.
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-Mr. Kishore Shah