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    Recipient of Business Goa Award
    for Corporate Excellence 2015
    Limca Book of Record Holder 2015
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    Transforming People
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About Us

Ideaz Unlimited is a consulting firm which makes transformative changes in organizations and individuals through calibrated steps


Deep levels of expertise, yet keeping the macro picture in sight.


Objective methods, yet keeping all alive the intuitive power of the mind.


Systematic approaches yet retaining the compassionate side.

Advantage Ideaz Unlimited

Industry Experience

Subject Matter Experts

Geographic Spread

Diversified Client Base






Cost Effective


Read What People Are Saying About Us

“In the years that I have known Kishore I have observed that he has an amazing quality of seamlessly blending across levels/functions/industries. He is quick to 'become One' with the group and speaks 'their language' very early in the interaction, this helps build trust among the stakeholders very quickly. Not once have I experienced him out-of-depth no matter what the scenario was.”

- Arnabi Marjit, General Manager: Human ResourceesLupin Ltd. R&D and Biotech

“Whenever I think of guiding our teams while ensuring the core message stays on with them for life, is the time I turn to Kishore. With Kishore his subjects, young, old alike are 100% involved. He has built great teams with out of individual incoherent groups and the results have been amazing. I have known Kishore since 2005; his personality is electric but mild, work clinical and efficient. Men with a great sense of humour and always full of ideas. Being with Kishore you forget time, it's an experience.”

- Nandan Yalgi, Director( Commercial & HR ): Shree Renuka Sugar Ltd.

“The width and depth of Kishore's experience is as vast as his own personal knowledge bank. However what is amazing is his ability to be laser sharp on the subject that he is dealing with at that point. The focus doesn't get blurred just as the Goal shouldn't, in the changing environment. Kishore's ability to simplyfy most complicated subject and an ability to touch heart of every individual across the hierarchy makes him the winner”

- Sanjay Dabir, Senior Director: India Engg. Diebold Systems Pvt. Ltd.

“Mr. Kishore Shah has been associated with REHAU since 2008. His training techniques are quite effective & well appreciated by our dealers and the sales team, each time it is something new and every year we look forward to attend his training sessions. His in depth understanding of the key business parameters is exemplary and his training techniques are easy to understand imparting a long term learning. I am sure his new book on '364 days of Transformation' will benefit millions of people to identify and utilise the employee potential.”

- Sanjay Gautam, Sales Director

“Transformation is the buzzword today-what Joseph Schumpeter calls Creative destruction of internal systems. This is what can bridge the divide between where bussiness are and where they seek to be. this book could not have come at a more opportune time when bussiness and individuals are grappling with definitions and methods to achieve transformation.

Kishore with his long history of bringing about change and development through a variety of Innovative approaches, is uniquely placed to shed light on the subject. Experience, Enthusiasm and Enterprise-his work encompasses all three and I feel sure Bail Pola-replete with relevant references-makes 364 Days of Transformation a handbook of transformation for the seekers-guiding, enabling and empowering change.”

- Satyan Menon, Founder: TalentMetrix

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  • Talent Management & Development
  • Training & OMD
  • Virtual ADC
  • Psychometric Instruments
    ( Chally/ TTI-DISC/ 16PF/ Big 5/ Game Based Assessment )
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